With Colombian roots, Leanna Pareja is native to Southern California. She has been writing and singing since she was five years old, and worked as a model before officially breaking into acting. Starting with small roles in The Jerk Theory (2009) and The Kane Files: Life of Trial (2010), she came to public attention for her role on TNT’s all new Dallas (2012). In the episode “Hedging Your Bets.” Leanna guest starred as the “Real Marta” acting alongside the late Larry Hagman.

Before and throughout her career in entertainment, Leanna has focused on giving back to the impoverished and less fortunate, traveling to places like Ethiopia, Malawi, Central and South America. Some of the charities Leanna has contributed to are Engage Now Africa, Charity Water, Operation Smile, and World Vision.

In 2012 she began producing commercials and starred in several  Independent films. She also teamed up with DevinSuperTramp and starred in several shorts on Devin’s hit YouTube channel. After having several million views on each video she was asked to play the role of Jennifer in Machinimas “Dead Island Riptide – No Retreat” alongside Toby Turner (aka Tobuscus), released in the spring of 2013 on the hit YouTube channel Pwnisher.

In 2013 Leanna published her first children’s book “A little Bit o’ Luck” and began her successful blog, sharing her lessons on life entitled “Learning With Leanna” ( After moving to Hawaii in 2014, Leanna began producing corporate videos and commercials for various companies. She also began a gig on Fiverr in 2015 as a hostess and spokesperson which also keeps her busy behind a camera, aside from everything else.

Her goals in the public eye are to focus on creating films and music that move and inspire others to live a more fulfilling life.